When she ended her life, Yes, I mean when she committed suicide, Jentina’s life had hit her with a terrible blow! Having graduated from University, and two yrs later, still at home and applying for jobs that rarely reply back, she thought, as many women do, the only way out of this is Marriage. Luckily for her, while in campus, she had someone who used to eye her. Wisely and in a steady manner, she reached out and they started chatting. Her mind was full of, “if a job isn’t coming now, I would rather wait for it in my home!. Jentina had no problem with looks. God had created her well and above the imagination of many. In one sentence, “She was the real definition of the word “Beautiful”.
Her moves were measured and her walking around the market attracted whistling from men of all ages. She was so afraid to go out because of those looks and stared.She would spend more time indoors than out there. To contain this, she thought, marriage is better. She made this fact very clear to Job her boyfriend. With a broad smile on his face,Jod’s reply had more hopes…Oh, even me I want to settle down,” that’s Jobs reply to her. Armed with this hope, from there and then, she was spending a lot of her time with her man and husband “to be” Job. Before long, she announced to Job she was expecting. He had promised to take her home, but to Jentina, this was the right time to know his parents, for introduction.-unfortunately, Job wasn’t hurrying.
As we all know, when love is in the air, sometimes reason disappears. When she saw herself pregnant, the urge to be introduced to his parents soonest and move in was urgent, then wait to do the wedding later!
To Jentina’s her surprise, Job suddenly became uncommitted. Suddenly he didn’t want to pick her calls.
Suddenly, he was busy, whenever she tried to look for him, wherever and whenever! The weekend they spent together were replaced by agonizing thoughts of where he was and why is he silent to me? Before the month ended, she knew she was alone.
Later, when she met him, Job had told her to her face, that he doesn’t know if the child is his.. You’re the only man I know but Job had other ideas running through him. He was linking her friendship to his other friend Samson as suspicious. Soon she was defending herself. I’m a childhood friend to Samson and we have nothing in common in matters love!
Jobs final word was to “look for the father of this kid because I know it’s not me! This thoughts made her mind go in circles. Job thinks I have other men, yet i have no other man except him!
How will I take care of this child, yet my mum and dad are now looking upto me, as a first born, to take care of the family, plus my sisters and brothers! How will my young sisters think of me, yet I have been a role model to them? without asking for advise, she wrote a suicide note, locked herself in the house, took some medications that put a nail to her life!
This news wasn’t easy to the family to swallow.The dad, mum and relatives plus friends wished she had talked to them,or sort advise, before taking her life! The more painful information is this, two days after burial, one of her sisters went to the post office and found her appointment letter. Yes, before the thoughts of Job enveloped her mind with love feelings, she had gone to an interview but the reply never came in time. It was a bank Job and reporting time was immediately… Her salary was more than 60k and some benefits were tied to it, including house rent and travel money reimbursement, whenever doing company work! Moaning for the family continued in that home from there too. It was so hard for them to swallow this news. They felt hurt that their Beautiful daughter Jentina did the unthinkable,without asking for help.
My question worthy asking is all of us is, do you think Jentina would have done what she did,had she gotten that appointment letter? Definitely, as I can guess now, she would be smiling and happy than depressed and thinking of ending her life,as she did! When she was wondering how will I feed this child, what she didn’t know is that “God in heaven, knew about it. He was a aware that her baby was on the way, and even moved the hearts of the bosses, where she did her interview, to give her a job! The bible says, Where no advice is, the people fall; but in the multitude of counselors there is safety. (Proverbs 11:14….. Proverbs 15:22).
Whatever we go through in this life,God has a solution to it!
Do you feel depressed and have suicidal thoughts, then talk to someone. Book a session with a professional counselor or run to church and talk to your Pastors wife or the pastor himself.
My sister’s, your life is not defined by how men treat you.
My brothers, how women treat you does not define your life.
You life is precious and valued by our kind and loving God and Father more than we can imagine.
The pain that many of you are experiencing is to do with exalting men or women-more than God our creator. Aman can give you a pregnancy out of wedlock and run away,but that does not mean that you life wont move on,because he is not around. Infact,if you give it time,you later realize you are better off than him by far.
The worst thing to do is to pile your thoughts to yourself without sharing them out to those dear to you! It’s never foolish to share your predicaments with people-especially those who care about you…
Have you ever shaken a Coke in the bottle then opened it? It blows up! Many of us have stacked so many issues within us that have shaken the foundation of our life, and instead of looking for help, we allow it to blow us up! We think of suicide or doing the unthinkable, yet help is near,if we seek for it.
If you’re afraid because your relatives will talk it out, there are so many professional counselors around town and church who have the right word for you. You don’t need to worry about your issues being blown out of proportion because professional counselors are guided by a code of ethics that demand they keep issues from their clients personal!
If you may say I don’t have money to pay a counselor let me ask, why not confide in a friend or a church elder, pastor or whoever is around, and you know can help you!Above all, Zechariah 9:12 says,” Turn to your stronghold,(GOD) you prisoners of hope:! Unfortunately to many of us, we are no-longer prisoners of hope as the word of God says. Some little thing happens to us and ” I’m finished, is your immediate confession. In this life, you’ve to live aware that there’s always a better tomorrow, even if today looks gloomy! Hope is the oil that runs any engine life! Suicidal thoughts come from hopeless people. Such people,like Jentina,cannot see the sun rising after a dark night. Regardless of what’s happening in your life, bind yourself to this prison of hope, while seeing a better tomorrow!
As I pen down this talk, my advice to those dumped by those they trusted the most is “Don’t be a Jentina! Whenever you enter a relationship, always be sure it might work or not work, then with this in mind, forge a way forward!. Thank God if it works but if it doesn’t work, move on and be sure tomorrow is better always, than today. Your life is not worthy giving it out just because of a boyfriend or girlfriend! Relationships must be handled with wisdom, tact and acceptance. Go in relationships aware that he or she might not accept you as you do to them, then balance your emotions with reason. Someone said God gave us our head so that we may use it! Yes, reason with your emotions and settle this battle of love without harming yourself. You may die for a man and he comes to your funeral while in the arms of another woman. You’re precious and treasured by God to bury your head in the sand over love.
Above all,trust in God and have hope for a better tomorrow. Making one mistake isn’t an issue. Repeating the same mistake is what makes it wrong. If that was in Jentina’s mind, she would be far, maybe married to another caring man and serving humanity with her gifts-just as God has deposited them in us all..It’s never over until God says it’s over! Have a blessed evening


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