If you mention the name of Pastor Kenneth Copeland, some of us will call him a thief and a prosperity preacher because of owning several private jets…… Most preachers with money like him have always been on the receiving end, when negative publicity is to go by! By April 2020, his net worth was US $300 million.He is currently the richest pastor in the world..

On the other hand, if you mention the name of Evangelist Reinhard Bonke, some of us will call him a saint because he had no private jet and was giving out free books to people in Africa …

But what most of us don’t know is that Pastor Kenneth Copeland was a major financial sponsor of all the crusades Of Evangelist Reinhard Bonke…

His money paid for all those hundreds of millions of free books, large posters and mighty billboards over the decades? … Bonke would fly wherever and whenever he wanted to preach, without the worry of pushing people to give more, for his next crusade.What we were getting from Bonke for free, was actually not free.. Copeland had paid for them.

Do you know that, Perhaps, if it were not for Kenneth Copeland, you and I would never have known Evangelist Reinhard Bonke …and the 70plus million souls might never have been won to Christ…

Friends, this journey of faith is a combination of your support and my faith. God raised Copeland for Bonke and he thrived in what he loved the most.

Do you also know that Mr Colgate dedicated 90 % of his income from his company, for mission work across the world, in the beginning of the 19th century until when he died? He funded and fed missionaries across the world, for the glory of God! Funny enough, even with stiff competition, Colgate tooth paste has never been outsmarted and removed from the shelves by competitors. This is 100 yrs later, after his death. In Kenya right now, major business owners who were billionaires at the beginning of the 21 st century died and their companies shrinked or even died with them. To Colgate,Over the generations, God has given his great grandchildren a mind of growing and expanding the family business.. This for sure is the hand of God to this family, and it’s because of the generosity of Mr Colgate.?…!

Regardless of how people maybe feeling about Copeland’s wealth, one thing I know is this, his riches won’t dwindle. As we celebrate Bonke for his sterling work as an evangelist, this great man that sent so many on the heavenly jouney, we can just look back and thank God also, for giving wealth to the right person, who stood as a pillar to Evangelist Bonke’s ministry- thus making his ministry so efficient…

There’s nothing as bad as having a message to deliver but you can’t reach to your target audience in time. Bonke had no such worries. Copeland stood for him,just as the shunamite woman stood for Prophet Elisha and as Lydia stood for the needs of Paul the apostle. Fortunately for most of us, all you need is to identify a man of God and fund his ministry, because though you can’t preach, God has given you the money to push others people’s ministry to another level.

Kenneth Copeland and other sponsors denied themselves a lot, sponsoring his crusades for decades…No politicians were called to fund-raise for Bonke. His needs were Copeland’s personal needs too.One Nigerian man said this about Bonke,” Quote,”I was there Live at one of the first times he visited Aba in the late 1980s (ABA CITY WIDE CRUSADE)… He continues,’ 👉I saw native doctors, prostitutes and armed robbers, rushing back home to bring and surrender their charms and guns to the nearest churches… They grew till they became Sunday school teachers and pastors in the kingdom… Till today, some of them are still burning for Jesus…

As we are thanking God for Reinhard Bonke…let us also thank God for Pastor Kenneth Copeland and all those that took care of the Bills that ran into tens of hundreds of millions of dollars…Why won’t Reinhard Bonke be as anointed as he was? As a messanger of God, he had to run God’s errands unhindered, because God had sent Copeland to take care of the bills.Sincerely, with this kind of freedom in Christ, why won’t the dead not rise?…Why wont the crippled throw away their crutches and start walking whenever he visited any area?

When there are people paying the bills, praying looks like picnic… The OIL must increase …How many of us have seen mighty, genuine and passionate crusaders that folded their movements because there was no money to foot their bills…You don’t know how Satan is celebrating their withdrawal from the mission fields…

This testimony is a very ugly reality …We have to make a choice for the kingdom friends. If you’re saved and rich, which missionary are you standing for? Do you know most pastors children don’t like being pastors because they consider pastoring a job for the poor? Even you my friend, imagine coming home from preaching and have nothing to give to your family? How do you think your children will think about you? Will they love your God or how do you think they’ll respond? The narrative will change in our time…In Kenya, politicians are the ones who know how uncared for Pastors are, and they come even drunk to lecture the church, then give 100k, which the pastor receives with gladness-Why? Because the people God has given money in the church, are so busy building mansions in Nairobi and saving the billions in foreign accounts, without any consideration of uplifting the pastor’s in ministry, by building churches for them and helping those in the mission field. Sad to say, after such die, their children have no idea of how important the wealth the father created for them is, thus they sell those mansions for throw away prices.. Somewhere in Nairobi, one such child ,as it was alleged, was approached by a somali entrepreneur with a desire to buy their land..This child answered,” wait until my parent die and I will sell you immediately after mum lowered in the grave. Mum didn’t take long because she was aged but truth be told, he did exactly what he promised- and sad to say,he sold it at a throw away price.He valued having money in the bank than managing the property mum and dad worked for over the yrs. Just know that It will be a shame to us if we watch our passionate evangelists who are called to be on the field turning into mega church overseers, rolling out handbills and posters every week and asking,if not begging for partners to push them to the next crusade……

My Sisters and brothers, if we have more Kenneth Copelands in our churches, we will have more Reinhard Bonkes in the mission field..

There is always a potential Reinhard Bonke close to you…but are you willing to commit your resources to make him shine for Christ?May God use you and me to bring him out into the limelight where he or she will win more souls for Christ…May God use your church, company or family to partner with others to sponsor their evangelistic penchant…You and your generation will never finish reaping from it…100 yrs later, Colgate and his family tree haven’t missed to sell the tooth paste. Its now a global paste. Start watching Copeland’s family tree and you’ll realize when wealth is used for kingdom purposes, it never runs dry in families of those who were generous to the men of God’s calling by funding them. Think about that for now. God bless you



  1. Fab
    Great post! It’s amazing to see how God works through different individuals to accomplish His purposes. I had no idea that Pastor Kenneth Copeland was the major financial sponsor for all the crusades of Evangelist Reinhard Bonke. It definitely raises some interesting questions about the role of wealth in supporting ministry. Do you think there’s a balance that needs to be struck between using wealth for personal gain and using it to further the kingdom of God?

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    1. When God had given David rest on all sides..meaning,he had enough for the family and for his future generations to come..he concentrated his wealth and energy in God’s work and ministry.Remember even though God told him he will not build him the temple,he prepared the materials for the same,for his son to build. Hope i have answered you .God bless you


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