In Today’s world,love is so unreal. People just look for you when they have apre- wedding, when they’re searching for a job, sponsorship, or when they have funeral or medical issue that needs funding…… In the dating world, never think its love that pulls people your way- imean, that’s only in few occasions,but before most people commit to love you, all they want to know is not “if you’re born again”, but what do you do for a living- is their number one priority.

Minus any need that you can help, and when they’re healthy, even in church they pass you UN-noticed and without regret! Some in church, when they know you’re jobless and stay on the same route, though they can’t give you a job, they even can’t give you a lift. They know you will be walking home after church but without regard, they see you and roll their tinted windows and pass you as though you never existed! Someone from the world came and taught them about the power of networking in church, and loh and behold, people started flooding the church to look for business associates, directors, and those influential figures who can move deals for them, but few come looking for brothers and sisters in Christ to associate with. Class has replaced brotherly love, if not godliness! They pretend to take your number when you move closer to them, then after you’ve gone, you are blocked! You can never hear them nor go through on the number they volunteered to give you!

Your number is only in their phones for the bad times, or when they’re looking for something, and they know they can get it from you for free!

Indeed as prophesied, in the last day, the love of many will grow cold.. Mathew 2412. This is what’s happening this days. Oh God of heaven, please help me love people as you loved them, because the world this days has another kind of love i don’t understand!Have a blessed day.


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