Something happened in 2008 that really hit me.I know many Kenyans may think i’m talking about the post election violence that rocked our country, but NO, I’M thinking about what happened in the middle of the struggle, when a news item flashed from the media houses to invoke my thoughts.

Apparently, a lady in Kiambu was found dead, and placed in her fridge, by her own estranged boyfriend. They may have heard an argument that made her be in an awkward position, that she could not defend herself much ending up in her death. When her dad tried to call after aweek, and her not responding, he made his way to her house, took some neighbors and found his lovely daughter dead and kept in her own fridge. Doctors confirmed she had stayed there for a week, but her gate and door were just open over this period of time, yet no one ever entered her house, until when the dad came. This really made me think so much. In my mind i wondered if this woman had friends in her life, if not close relatives who visit.

You know there is something many people have never realized about friendship. Friends are always there for our safety. Many of us, especially those whom God has blessed with some money so that they can afford to live in there own house, they love there private lives and space so much,and have locked out many people whom God can use to save their lives from coming in!

When i got to hear that news, i looked deeply into my life and even had some serious questions to ask about this woman? I’m not blaming her for what happened on her but  i wondered if it not normal to be dead in your house for 1 week, and in a fridge, if indeed you had friends who could visit at will? How about Neighbours? Which kind of lives are we living that you can be dead and a Neighbour next to you does not know, and has never visited you to check on you?.

Many times churches have programs that insist on many of us meeting for home fellowships, but loh, so many people have no interest in having a fellowship in their houses, and thus locking themselves from people who may matter, in times of trouble. When you get concerned about people, God opens a door for you to be shielded or provided for by them!

In the bible One day Elisha went on to Shunem, where a wealthy woman lived, who urged him to eat some food. So whenever he passed that way, he would turn in there to eat food.[2 Kings 4:8-37]

Look at that verse again beloved.The wealthy shunamite woman saw Elisha  passing along his house on the highway, and urged him to eat some food in her house! That’s what we’re not doing in church today. We see needy people and let them pass our residence and we have no remorse about it.The verse continues to say “whenever Elisha passed that way, he would turn in there to eat food. She had opened a door that could not be shut now and later when you read more, her infertility was no more. Elisha prayed for her and she was a mother of a bouncing baby boy.

Someone may ask, how does that relate with the story you gave us? My point is this, Elisha always passed by, when he was within the vicinity, and when you have opened a door to people, you realize when in trouble and needing help, they come at the right time, always.

One thing i have realized about this idea of opening a door for people is that when in need, they always arrive in time. It used to happen in our home. We could be about to sleep, with nothing to eat, and just in time, someone passes and we get fed. This are people my grandmother and parents had opened a door for, helped in their small way and now when we were in need, they were now our source. Life always revolves around people. Living a private life may look good now, but it has harmful effects to us in the life ahead of us.This does not mean we just open our doors to everybody, but still, even in your circles, let people know where you stay, and the funny thing is this, they will always be passing by, as Elisha used to pass by, and in time of need, God just sends them at the right time.

Saint of God, never be lied to by this idea that is in many people about “my space or my private life! It has no origin in God and it helps no one at the end of the day. Life is all about community and relating well with people,if not spending time with them

The woman who was murdered by her boyfriend used to travel a lot, but i wondered why it had to take the fatherly instincts of her dad, for her to be identified to be dead, after a week and in her house? Where were her friends? Where were the Bible study members and where were the neighbors? Living individualized lives has no benefits. Some of us dispel our neighbours from even approaching us-and have no interest in them…only to cry-and the only person who comes is that neighbour we discarded.

I bet if people knew her and she took some time to know her neighbors and welcomed them in her compound, all this would have been suppressed in time.

Maybe she would not have died, because an angel of a friend would come in time to fold the will of Satan over her life! God will always send people in our path at the right time, but we have to take the initiative and be interested in them, if not invite them where we live. Provebs 18:24 says a man who has friends must show himself friendly. When you are friendly to your neighbours, your relatives, your friends and workmates, you get help from them whenever you are in need-and it comes at the right time.

Truth be told, yes it comes with accost on your budget. Sometimes you have to spend some money,some travel, some visits and giving to birthdays and weddings, but the truth is, that price is less costly than the final rewards you get out of friendships., Yes..friendships has more rewards than the cash you spend to accommodate such expenses. Get to know your neighbors, invite people to your house and shun this private lifestyles that is peddled by many among us. If this lady had friends who knew her place, i bet she would not have even stayed one or two days in her fridge. Again…maybe she would not have died.. God always leads people our way in the right time. Thankfully she had shown her dad where she stays,but imagine if she had not shown him? she would have rotten in her own house. God created people for us, but we have a duty to bring them into our lives and get interested in them, for them to be interested in us. Think about that today. God bless you


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