A crocodile is one of the most dangerous species that God has ever created. Most scientists describe it as a mammal that lacks feelings, ruthless in attitudes and uncaring. We all may have watched how they tear both Zebra’s, antelopes and beasts as they try to drink water or when trying to cross the river Mara towards good grazing fiends in Tanzania. Once you cross the path of a hungry Crocodile, you are done in minutes. This statement about crocodiles having no feelings has been disputed over the yrs but one man in Costa Rica made this understanding from scientists look baseless. This man proved to the whole world that Crocodiles have feelings of love too, and can respond in love too,just as humans do.

One day, as he narrates, he found a young teenage crocodile that was hit by a Farmer and was injured. Though alive but with no mobility, he moved this mammal slowly to his home and put it in a cage, washed it, fed it and as days went by, he watched it as its health returned. Soon, when he tried to play with it, it was responding positively and it would allow him to play with it without any uncaring attitudes raised by scientists. When it had fully recovered, this man took this mammal to the water and saw it swim way.

Unfortunately or fortunately for him, tomorrow, Pocho,as he calls it, was at his door steps the next morning. Slowly by slowly, he moved closer yet alert but the crock would pull its head up slowly and allow him to massage its head and snot and without any problem. He walked it to a pool he knew had no other crocodiles and for hrs, he could swim besides it and play with him in the water. A love connection had been established and by now, he could not separate from this crocodile. Infact, he had to make time for this crocodile and could go out even at midnight to just play with it in water. Amazingly, when he missed to go to the water to play with it, it made time to come visit him at his doorstep. Soon, this man and his crocodile was a national sensation in that country. People couldn’t believe a croc can play with someone in the water and without harming him. Soon he would be performing shows in the water to an audience that had paid for it. Problem is, the croc could not want any other person in the water unless it was this man. A Journalist tried to enter the water but he could not go far. It was restrained by this man but it was obvious it wasn’t happy of another person in the waters. This is crazy yet real, someone shouted as he saw this man’s head next to the Crocodiles head and both feeling emotional as though conversing in low tones.

To add to the bond, they both had formed a language that they Conversed with each other that was beyond human description. He could feed anything from his hand, that this man gave or people gave him to give it without any issue. It was obvious this Crocodile loved this man and this man loved this crocodile in equal measure. They had a bond that was inseparable. His bills now were paid for trying to show love to this mammal that was hurt by another farmer, and helped recover by him.

After some yrs, this crocodile died and it’s now kept in the national museum of Costa Rica, as the crocodile that ever lived and interacted with a human being.

When thinking of this, I realized how powerful love can make a difference, even in mammals, when we show it practically. Love can break a bone without words, Love can make the most ruthless and hardened woman bend down to listen. Sometimes I talk to men who tell me “this this woman can’t be loved. She is beyond love or even women who say this man is beyond love.. Let me ask you all, “have you ever met this tomboy girls who look like men, walk with men and act like men, then one day, you hear she’s married? Whenever you think of such women, you wonder loudly, ”can Judy really be settled in marriage and obey her man as the head? As you wonder within you, you get information from reliable sources of how the husband is happy for her. When she got married, as her friends, you even thought she won’t last even for 3 month in that Marriage, yet a yr is over and everywhere, she walks hand in hand with her man as though they’re just from honeymoon!

Some place in this country, a man came to a certain Parent to ask her of the daughter for marriage. She was surprised but she listened, then went and asked her daughter, with these behaviors, which man can love you? Mum and dad made their girl promise ” she will not return home under any circumstances, once she gets married! She accepted and yrs later, she’s their most dependable daughter in that home than those the parents trusted-and amazingly,10yrs later, still married and happy in her marriage!

Infact after threatening their daughter, they came and asked the man, when do you want her? He wanted her immediately but out of pretending, they told him to go, but she will be coming the next day, which she did but never looked back! What can make a woman who was a prostitute be married and stay married-and be faithful to one man? The answer is simple,love breaks the chains that makes men and women behave badly,and once the right person,who know what love is comes into your life,like this harsh crocodile submitting to the man I Costa Rica, a prostitute can still bend down to love and forsake the band behaviors for the glory of God. I told some man to stop complaining of how unloving women are because God’s command to love was not given to women but men!. Any man who loves automatically gets back a submissive woman. Love bends even tomboys and hard to love Crocs and women too.

When summarizing the commandments and its relevance, Jesus reduced them to two only. He said loving God with all our hearts, mind and soul,and loving our neighbors, is what matters the most. Matthew 22:37. In that book of love (1st Corinthians 13), the bible tells us of how supreme love is.

Sadly, we are warned that even if we sacrifice ourselves for a show, without love, it’s nothing..

Love is visible to anyone, even if the person you are showing it to him or her, never went to school or is limited by the language barrier. Even women who can’t talk and do it through sign language fully understand love when expressed by aman who doesn’t know how to talk to them in sign language.

In most Marriages today, husbands pretend to love, yet deep within their hurts,there is hate, malice, jealousies and open clinging to job or boys more than the wife.

The bible commands Husbands to love their wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for them.(Note the word,as Christ loved the church and gave himself for it). The major problem with most men is, they say they love their wives but unfortunately, they’re not given to it, as Christ did to the church! Love is evident when done in a sacrificial way. The worst thing a preacher can do, is to preach about love, yet at home the wife doesn’t feel the impact of those words practically.

This man in Costa Rica loved this crocodile and gave himself for it. Later, it responded back with love that has never been seen to be expressed by a crocodile, to a man like me and you. It ended up helping him pay his bills. When he decided  adopt itand cure its wounds,  the crocodiles needs became his needs. He sacrificed his time, his resources and company. Some husbands can’t even tell you when they last bought a dress for their wives, yet they say they’re in love! Bro, even if your wife is a director in a company, buying her a dress, even if it costs USD 3 communicates a lot to her about the love you’ve towards her, than words of affirmation. It’s easy to say I love you but giving yourself to love is what matters the most.

Again, let me ask the Husband, when was the last time you practically loved your wife and children? I mean a case scenario where it showed in your spending of your time and resources to them and for them, to prove that fact? Like this crocodile, even that tomboy of a wife can be so submissive and bend to your love, if you give it practically and verbally, as Christ did. God is waiting on you to show his love to your wife, just as Christ did to the church. Remember CHRIST loved us when we were so unlovable but the impact of that love, is still felt upto now, even after dying 2000 yrs ago! My question is, if you die today ( God forbid), will the impact of your love be felt in your house, for some yrs to come, after you’ve gone? Will she be thanking God that you died or will she be asking God why you died? Today God is asking husbands to love their wives, just as CHRIST loved the church. God bless you


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