1. When you wake up…no matter how short or long the marriage is, kiss her good morning DONT GREET HER!

2. When he comes home…DONT SIT DOWN, wake up and meet him at the door and give him or her a hug or kiss and ask how his day was….S\he spent most of it trying to make sure you guys have food in the house,so listen to his or work concern keenly and promise to pray about what he shares to you,about his work.He will love to hear that.

3. Before you sleep, PRAY TOGETHER AS A FAMILY, and in your prayers, always thank God for your spouse and for his/her love and dedication to the family.

4. Daily no matter how tired you are, spend a few minutes to discuss how the day was, what challenges you both met and how you handled the situation.Hold hands after the sharing and pray about it promptly,after the sharing and commit all to God.

5. Find a moment to encourage each other from scriptures. If you can get a devotional guide, let each person handle a day of the week including kids (if they can)

6. Just because you married her, life does not stop. At least once a month, take her out to dinner, spend the evening just the two of you outside the house eating and talking-just the same way you tried convincing her to marry you.

7. Be proud of your husband/wife.Walk together holding hands, text during the day…your wife/husband should be your best friend, so those stuff you talk to your friends, include your spouse, ask silly questions like ,”Honey,did you enjoy the sex jig with me yesterday? what areas do you think i need to improve in to make it better? Other question can be,”what are you having for lunch honey? What would you like for supper? Can i get you anything? Did you get to work? Oh i just called to say i miss you….Have you left work? etc…

8. People get scared to talk about this but sex does destroy marriages.

SATISFY your husband/wife is a gift that can be perfectly enjoyed in holy matrimony…its not a sin when you are married to have sex. So stop feeling guilty and make sure your sex life is completely satisfying and enjoyed by the two of you. Pastor John Hegee made it clear,he said,”sex should be taken the way we take breakfast, lunch and dinner, but do not forget to add snacks in-between….talk of quickies…….So is upon you as a couple to know when you will take breakfast,lunch,dinner and when to take a quickie! There is nothing wrong with rushing home when abit free to rush home at 10am for a 20 minutes snack sexwise before rushing back to the office! Make sex a priority in your marriage.

9. Everyday never forget to say you love your husband/wife at least 5times. Saying i love you never gets boring, it never gets rhetorical, it never hurts for someone to hear. “its a delicious meal, i love you” .Put such statements in practice. “wow, you came early….i love you sweety” “will you please get some bread as you come? I love you” “good night my love””wakey wakey swirrry,it’s time for breakfast my love”

10. Never go to bed angry, solve those arguments with love. Above all,even when you see your love unhappy,bend to know what hurt them,and if you ,say sorry and do not justify with other reasons.The fact is,he is unhappy,so sorry is good than explanations.

On this remember this too,never raise your voice when talking to the one you love.Cover him or her when neighbors complain about him or her and talk kindly to them later to improve.You cant talk ill of your man to the neighbors and expect a good relationship.They will tell him and he will love you less.Never do that at all.

11:At the end, remember to pray together and go to church together. pray for your love and marriage and the goodnight has to have “i love you”.

Always remember a family that prays together stays together. God bless you

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