let me tell you this! Susanna Wesley, was one of the greatest women in history, yet she had 18 children. One of her sons, John Wesley, founded the Methodist church and spread Christianity across the western part of America with Methodist revival, and another, Charles, wrote more than 6,000 hymns.

One day she was asked,”How do you find time alone when you have 18 children? In her biography,she replies and says “that she would go and sit in her favorite rocker every afternoon, and she would throw her apron over her head for an hour. Her kids knew that Mom with apron over her head, means, “No child bothers Mom or you die!” Wesley later said, it was the prayers of his mom that shaped his life.

My question is, If Susanna Wesley, with her busy schedule, of taking care of 18 children, could find time to be alone and pray for the well-being of her children, for 1hr everyday, what are you doing, to put the same in place, for your own sons and daughters?

If you invest in arguing with your children and husband, you may probably lose them to the world, but if you invest in praying for them, they will align to God’s will and purpose and you will be full of joy to see the results manifest before your eyes. May God help you invest in prayer for your family, from today, in Jesus name. God bless you


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