Many marriages in Africa are just for sleeping,waking up, raising kids and ageing together till death comes.You maybe think im wrong,but look around and tell me when you saw any couple in Africa happilly holding hands in town,or cafe or church? Actually,this days things are worse in church.The husband seats meters away on the same row with the wife,and if keen,you can easily assume he is single,only to go to the parking,and see a woman coming from this direction with kids,and the man on the driving seat hooting and not happy that he is being delayed.You can easily assume they’re employee vs employer but every sunday when you go churching,you realize it might be husband and wife.

Many couples hardly kiss, and when you see them hugs happily in public, is when they receive good news of maybe their kids doing well in exams.Before the camera’s,you can think the bond is so strong,but follow the to church next sunday,and reality sinks in

Most husbands only puts food in the wife’s mouth only when she is terminally ill or so sick that she cant feed herself.

If you see a man opening the car door for his wife, it means the door is faulty,but never a sign of love.

The only thing that makes an african man touch his wife’s neck is when she complains of fever. He wont touch it again till the next fever.

The only time he can carry his wife on his arms is when she is in labour or sick that she can’t wark to the car.

If you see them seated outside at night, dont think they are romantic.They are only waiting for the smell of insecticide to vanish.

Many African wives buy gifts for their husbands only when they are hospitalized.

The only time they race together is when there is danger and everyone is running for his life.Rarely will you find them jogging together as they talk or doing a park walk,and without children.

Some, the only time they go for evening stroll is when they’re angry and want to go and lay a complain to the parents of the person that beat their child or got their daughter pregnant.

Don’t even talk of majority of our African couples taking abath together.To most,that is a foreign idea.

The only time a wife looks closely to her husband’s eyes is when he complains of dirt in his eyes. Never do they even stare at each other in love.

Unfortunately, when one African man does so me of this romantic gestures i have mentioned, you can easily see a man who does not do that say,”he is controlled by his wife, or the wife has sat on him They will begin to spread bad rumours and talks that add no value to marriage,thus making new couples chickening out of romantic gestures,for their safety. My dear African brothers,time to change is now.Every jouney starts with a single step.Today i urge you in Jesus name,to pick one of this things i have talked about,and practically apply them.Change begins with you,and soon,the rest will follow.May God bless you


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