How many of us would be genuine enough to confess, that at one point in life or even now, are asking God this question? If we decided to speak the truth, nearly everybody has asked it. This is often after we go through issues of life that we can’t explain and are hard pressed left, right and center, yet there seem to be no way out!( According to our understanding). When there is that ” thorn in the flesh”(stubborn and malignant issues that seem not to hear prayers, even after you have prayed, fasted and done all that you knew how to do best, and heaven seem to be silent. That wilderness experience, where there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel, that sickness that prospers and eats you more, even when the men of God you trust lay there hands on you… these are the seasons am talking about. Our minds wonders where is this omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscience God? Does he really care? One man when going through tough times said in prayer,” oh God, if this is how you treat your friends,nowander you’ve so many enemies!

As God’s people,we both has done exams in our life.When the exam is going on, the silence in the room can easily be felt.The invigilator at times may depart from the room and watch his students do exams from a vantage point..You may think he’s gone,but try asking each other some answers and you see them appear!Where was he,you may ask, but the reality is, you exam can be cancelled for copying. God my friends, has exams too.At the onset of our journey in the faith, our prayers may get answers whenever we pray,but as we mature in Christ, he starts withdrawing slowly some of this privileges as he invigilates you on the exam you must do! He at times watches you from a vantage point,as you seat on your exam paper! You can’t see him now but he’s seeing you! Some people, when the paper is too tough, instead of patiently waiting on God,they give up or copy- which makes them reseat the same later or get disqualified when they give up! When job was seating for his exam,his strength came in the fact that he never gave up, but patiently waited on God.When things became more tougher, all he could say is,” even if he slays me, I will still trust in him! As the intensity of the exam continued, he says in chapter 14: 7,” There is hope for atree, even when it’s cut down,it will sprout again!..In chapter 2,when the devil wanted his exam cancelled,he used his close friend and wife to discourage him. She said to him,” Do you still hold fast on your integrity? Curse God and die!😳😳 Imagine the woman you love so much telling you such, but job replied,” you talk like a foolish woman. Shall we only expect good things to God and not the bad! The bible then records,” in all this,job did not sin with his lips! Whenever you’re going through the issues of life that look tough on you, the first thing to watch is your mouth! God, in his marking scheme, records what we say at such times, this we must watch our tongue.. Job passed the wife’s test for not sinning with his lips. Many of the people who asked God,Why me,if you care to listen to them, you will hear that they never were answered! The truth is,God never explains why he does certain things to us. Remember he’s the porter, as Isaiah 18 says, and we are the clay. If you asked such a question and got an answer to your “why me” you must be one in a million.

The question that begs for an answer then is,”Does God then really care? Yes he does!. The bible says,”And God restored the fortunes of Job.The Lord gave him twice as much as he had before! (Job 42:10! What a wonderful God we have! He gave Job double for the trouble!Job passed the test of integrity and trust in God. Our God is always interested in our maturity in him than answering all our questions and prayers that we bring to him. God knows the tests you are going through! Some of you at this moment, when people are doing holidays, you are just locked in your house with nothing to eat or feed your kids. You even wish silently that someone may take you out but all the people you ask for help seem un- interested or some just don’t care-Beloved, beware the exam is on! You’re doing a test. Just wait patiently on God and it Shall all work for your good. God knows why that sickness isn’t going. He knows why you lost that job. He is aware of the joblessness of your kids and lack of fees to some! You will never ask our God for bread and he gives you a stone! Some tests are only there to mature us in Christ and not for evil.God never thinks of ” let’s harass that one we see how she feels about it! God’s exams come with his tender love and grace. Don’t ask God ,”why me” but ” say oh Lord,what would you want me to learn from this test”. The faster you came to this knowledge the better because you will stop wearing yourself out in anguish because you will know after the test, the reward is sure! God never answers the “Why questions” but is willing to go with you through the test until you graduate from the course you were being tested on! Whatever you’re going through, just don’t give up on God..Dont give-in or throw in the towel to the devil nor still, curse God as Jobs wife wanted him to do. As you go through every test of life, just know all things work for the good of those who love the Lord! It shall be well.Have a blessed day


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