Parenting is one of the most difficult jobs in our day to day life, especially if you live in the major cities of any country. Many of us who grew up upcountry, you realize we were well catered for by the community, even when our parents were not around, any child belonged to the community, was fed and protected by the same. In our days, everyone minds his own business, and as long as you’re not my child, i have no part in you-attitude has fully gripped the core of our society and numbed the noble ideas of our fathers, thus exposing our kids to the schemes of the devil.

I once read in a newspaper some article of  a certain woman’s agony. The kid was abducted when he went out playing outside the locality where they stay. The boy was heading home when he was accosted and put in a tinted car, and a handkerchief put on his nostrils that made him go into a coma, only to find himself in a dark room with other kids. It took a month for the mum to see her but by God’s grace, the boy made a daring escaped with 9 other-boys, when their captors were offloading things from a lorry in their compound, thus getting back home, to meet her mum 1 month after. When i heard about this, i was not much shocked because i have heard several of such escapes when parents pray for their lost kids and when they come out, it’s always by God’s mercy and hand that made the escape.

One of them, a standard 8 girl was abducted near a church but she said she escaped when the two men who were watching over her came drunk and quarreling. As they quarreled, they forgot to lock the door and when the girl noticed they are asleep, she went out in the middle of the night, slept at Uhuru park from 1am on a bench and came calling home the next morning. When the girl was making her escape, little did she know that many prayers for her recovery had been circulated to many intercessors. Do you see now how beautiful prayer can be, when in need. I have always told people that our God is not deaf. When you pray and see God answer your prayers in a week’s time, you realize it’s God with the power, and not the abductors. What we don’t know is this, the devil is out targeting our children and thus, parenting poses a challenge to many parents and guardians.

When we see such predicaments, we only have one source of hope for the safety of our kids, which is only God. This makes prayer for kids a central part of every home, if not schools and churches. Children need a covering from the family altar, church altar and if possible, school altar.

Dear saints, do you pray for your kids before they go out to school, if not any function? Satan is interested in your little once,teenage girls and everyone close you1My question is,do you pray for them when out there? This should not make you get scared because the bible says where sin multiplied, God’s grace multiplied even more..[Romans 5:20]. The word continues to say “No weapon that is formed against you will prosper; and every tongue that accuses you in judgment you will condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, And their vindication is from Me,” declares the LORD.[Isaiah 54:17]

Let us do this today:

-Use Isaiah 54:17 to pray against any weapon of the enemy that maybe fashioning itself against your home and family. If still single, use the same word to pray for the kids you care for in your family and seek God’s protection over their lives

-Read Psalms 91 and pray those scriptures over the kids in your family and for the friends you know. Let us also call on the name of the Lord, for the kids who have been abducted and their parents are crying to the Lord for their return. Let us back-up their parents in prayer and seek God’s wonderful hand to cover them, and bring them back home in Jesus name. Take some 30 minutes if not 2hrs praying for the kids in our families and nation in Jesus name. Amen and God bless you


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