Ilagosa wa Ilagosa, our gospel music song bird, was laid to rest yesterday 16th February 2023 in his ancestral home of Bugina Village, in Vihiga county,in our beloved country Kenya- but if there is someone who was following all funeral proceedings and listening to all interviews about his life, from day 1, it was me. Anyway, he comes from sabatia Division, and that’s where i was born. What pained me the most (as alleged), was that he was poisoned by those close to him(who are his fellow gospel misters like him). In a video where he talked about the incident, he talked bitterly and was straight to the point. If i have to go by the rumors’, what he talked in the first video, was after the first poisoning-then again, there was another poisoning, which took our brother to the grave.

Many believers are saying it was his dearth date and spiritualizing the obvious while avoiding reality to sound godly. The bible talks of untimely dearth or people dying before there time. I’ am talking with pain because i was once a victim of poisoning. Sometimeback, while working somewhere, someone came to me and told me “by next week, we will know where you’re coming from. (we will go to your funeral). I looked him in the face and told him, “who gave you the assurance that you will ever live to see that same next week? It’s God who determines who dies and who lives, not you! He went out laughing sarcastically but i didn’t take it seriously. Few days later, he brought tea to my office (since we used to take breaktime tea together).It was a bit early and he told me today i saw it good to bring you tea.I appreciated and he left with his tea as i drunk mine.

What followed some few hrs later, is running to the bathroom all the time and running to the shop to buy milk. I drunk two packets of milk before going to buy something from the chemist to relieve me. To me, i thought it was the normal stomach issues but my friend was following me closely and asking as many times how i was doing and etc. At night, i was worse and you know how it feels to wake up to find you’ve soiled your bed with liquid poo and it seems you’re not in control of you. I woke up in courage, washed myself and prayed to God to help me. I opened the door (just incase i don’t reach morning), so that at least i can be found easily,incase it goes beyond my ability. I was not worried of thieves that time but do you know what, even at night, that good friend was calling to ask how i was doing. I’m not a hospital person so before i even thought of seeing a doctor, I drunk everything traditional and drunk so much porridge, even though it wasn’t stopping in my stomach but just passing.
Funny enough, that morning when i woke up, i didn’t go to the doctor but went to church for a certain meeting. In church, i met a lady nurse who told me “Alex your eyes shows you’re sick. I told her about my predicament and what i was going through and she told me it might be typhoid, and if such happens, and i dont run to the doctor, it only takes 6 hrs before you die. I then asked myself silently, if it’s so, then it must be something else because it has been more than 6 hrs since yesterday noon. Anyway, i obeyed her, and went to hospital. The lady serving me in Hospital ,after checking on me, told me my stool shows some particles of poison but i needed to go to a bigger hospital for the ex-rays. Thank God she gave me that message because from then, i revisited my life from when it started and realized someone must be on top of this game. I remembered someone had told me he will be attending my burial to know our place..
To make matters more worse, with all the best medicine i was given, i was not improving. I would take the medicines and get some relief but after some time, i return to normal. I was absent for 1 week from work but when i woke up one Saturday and just alone in the house-and not improving, i prayed while standing in the house. I said, Oh God, the nurse said i should go to a bigger hospital for scanning but you know i don’t have the money that i can take with me to Karen Hospital…. or any of this major hospitals. I have gone to some with my NHIF card and i was told they don’t take the card-and the other one told me they only treat civil servants with the card-and i don’t belong there…it’s after some little time with me thinking deeply as i thought what to do next,while my hand are raised to God that i heard a voice that was so clear-it’s like someone switched my radio off for a second (which was so loud) and i heard a voice clearly telling me “YOU’RE HEALED! It was a clear and audible voice that i knew was coming from the throne of heaven… I said “Thank you Lord for the healing and felt in my body some strength that i didn’t have. Its from then that my body started improving and for the first time in the evening, I went to the bathroom, after 1 to two weeks of agony, that i could do a solid waste for the first time.. I was so happy that day and Sunday and Monday were fantastic. God spoke it and actualized it.
On Tuesday, i went back to work and was met by my friend and with another cup of tea. At that time, i was so aware of my fears and wanted to test him and see if what i was thinking about was true or not.
I looked at him and said, “I have not been taking tea nor drinking anything because the doctor told me to watch my body first. I then took my cup of tea and wanted to give my intern in the office to drink but the reaction was real…(No,No,don’t give him that one). He then rushed across me to the intern’s desk,took his tea and went with it. It’s then that reality dawned on me of who is my real enemy. I noted him and knew the person to watch but truth be told-i was brought other meals several times by him -not once…but i could take it and thank him for it-but never ate anything from him again. He invited me to certain places but i was wiser than him.
I then prayed that God may separate us and within a short time, he did…i always look back and wonder at the grace of God and how sweet our God has been to me, even when i was at my lowest. I may not claim to be the best of Christians but God proved himself to me that he heals-even from poison.
Now you understand how i felt with Ilagosa’s poisoning. I wished i knew him and had the time to talk to him after the first poisoning but oh, satan and his people prevailed. I always tell people this, as you grow in fame, minimize your interactions with known enemies-but still trust God to protect you from unknown enemies. Our brother talked of the enemy he knew in his video-who was a minister of the gospel. Infact, he said it clearly that the person who wanted to kill him stands on the pulpit to preach-but if what i heard of a second poisoning is true, then my thoughts were loud-maybe his enemies were all around him.. only that he never noticed who they were. I have been there and know for sure how it would have worked out, if i took the second cup of tea. Maybe they had made it more stronger than the first one, and this one, if it were not for the grace of God, maybe would have laid me to rest.
Again, when God has blessed you with money to the extend that food is not a problem for you, always eat at home before going to meet some people in public places. Being famous comes with such great cost and as you grow in fame, be kind to yourself and avoid those quick bites and goat eating parties-even if the meeting is in their home. Always carry bottled water in your bag for drinking for those moments when you need water in the midst of people.. This helps you so that you don’t just request for water in places you doubt, yet you need water to drink.
Remember what our former Vice President Professor George Saitoti said he was poisoned while a deputy president. If a person next to the president as his deputy can feel the pinch of poisoning, and he interacts with the who and who’s of society, then you must know that envy and jealousy have no boundary. It affect the rich, just as it affect the poor too. Atleast for me I’m not famous-but it was just someone wishing me badly in the office but God saved me.
Above all, the lesson i learned through my experience is simple, as it’s written in Proverbs 3:5-6…..”Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.
Rest in peace our brother Ilagosa but my beloved brothers and sisters, take Jesus words seriously. He said, “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. Matthew 10:16. God bless you


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