Have you ever heard someone say? The Lord spoke to me last night and wondered how! Friend, one of the beauties of the Christian faith is that, our faith is not based on myth like the other religion. Our God is not far away but a close friend, brother, father and comforter in the issues of life. The God of the future is still the God of today. If he spoke and walked with Enoch, then be sure, he desires to walk with you too and talk to you. God is a true friend and he is always closer than a brother. He cares and he speaks to his servants.

I remember one day I was travelling through Nissan, then suddenly, I had a clear impression that was so strong, and in a still small voice telling me, ”pray for the safety of yourself and 14 other people in this Nissan. We were travelling in a Nissan. Immediately I said, oh God, protect me and the 14 people in this Nissan, from what the devil is planning against us.  Then I finished my quick prayer in the name of Jesus. As I was finishing praying silently and that quick, our Nissan had pulled aside to drop a passenger. Then suddenly, the drive pulled the car on the road to continue with the journey, yet he had not looked on the road to see if he could start the journey. What we heard were terrifying blairs of a 24 foot trailer passing on high speed. We missed being cremated on the road by a whisker and that’s why I realized how God’s love for us was. I looked at the passengers and nearly told them what happened and me praying for them but I kept cool.

God speaks first through his word the bible. I have heard so much instances when his word spoke to me directly and i have always been grateful. Infact, preachers only exist to stamp God’s word as it is. The more you get interested in reading the bible, the more God will by the holy spirit, make the written word, the living word in your heart and mind.

Saint of God, salvation is free but walking and living for Christ is hard work. It takes a personal stand, time and devotion. James gives as the process to hearing from God. In James 4:8, the bible says “Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. Yes, friend, it’s that simple. You have to draw close to his and he will draw near to you and soon, it will not be strange to hear a brother or sister says “the Lord spoke to me. You’ll be the one saying so. God bless you


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