Joyce Mayor has written a book titled “The Battlefield of the Mind”. In this best seller, she says “Worry, doubt, confusion, depression, anger and feelings of condemnation are all attacks on the mind. She teaches people how to deal with thousands of thoughts that people think every day, and how to focus their minds on the way God thinks. She continues “A mind is a terrible thing to waste and yet there are ungodly forces trying to lay waste to your mind. God’s word says “as a man thinks, so is he! (Proverbs 23:7). Indeed what you think determines your lifestyle. A man’s greatness lies in his power to think right thoughts. The year 2023 has just begun and some people’s thoughts are, ”it will be the most difficult year. Before I wrote this, someone was telling me the same, but I refuse to think 2023 is going to be difficult because I know God never gives his people hard exams. Whatever his thoughts are, because I failed to persuade them with my optimistic mindset, but it may be true to him unless he changes his mind. In this life, you’re essentially who you create yourself to be. All that occupies your mind and life is a direct result of your thoughts.When you change your mind, you change your world. Everything begins with a thought. We must guard our mind from the enemy. The bible declares that a mind that stays on the Lord stays in perfect peace and harmony.
In one of his writings, Paul admonishes believers not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of their mind. Mind renewal is very essential to every believer. After the mind is renewed, he then says “that’s when you will be able test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. [Romans 12:2] .The reality is, the mere transformation of the mind is not easy but it’s possible. You just need to change your thoughts from the negative things that dwell in you, and think the way God think.  In the scriptures, God gave Joshua a formula on how to change a mindset self-inflicting thoughts to God’s word. He was told to keep the Book of the Law always on his lips and meditate on it day and night, and be careful to do everything written in it, and the results is “him and the children of Israel will be prosperous and successful.
If you happen to be a good reader of the bible, you realize that God’s word always challenges your thinking. You get to realize how possible things are, even in the most difficult moments, and the fear of failure vanishes away. From word to word, in scriptures, you get to know men and women who were stuck and wondering what to do next, and when they looked to God, help was a available by a mere prayer or by miracle that makes God be trusted. When you know God’s word, you realize you have a mirror of life in-front of you or a guiding light on how to navigate this life’s journey.
Saint of God, what are you thinking of this year of our Lord 2023? Your answer determines what is ahead of you this year, but I pray that every negative thoughts in our mind will vanish and all hopes of optimists will well down in us as a spring of water, to direct our parts through hope, as we see this year unfold.  May God help us use our mind today to change our world forever? Again, what thoughts from God’s word are you meditating on today? How you and me are today, is based on what you think. This makes us have no option but to think right. May God help us all. God bless you and have a great and happy year ahead of you.

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