God friends, has networked us together, as a support system for each other. Many times as a believer, you will find your major problem, if shared with another person, you easily find a solution for it. It may come from your friend, relative or brothers and sisters around you.
When talking about giving, The bible says “Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, (PLEASE NOTE)shall “MEN” give into your bosom.(Luke 6:38). This verse clearly shows how God has set us to give solutions to one another as we walk this journey of faith.
A story is told of a man who lived in a flood hit zone. One day, the rains were too much and it started flooding again. His house was taken over by water, and he took a stool on top of his bed and stood on it. While contemplating what to do, a neighbor, and other people on a rescue mission came with a boat and called desperately on him to join them on the boat for the safer grounds.
His answer was, My God is able, he needs no man to deliver me!
As the water levels continued to grow, he went to the roof of his house. While on the roof, another government agency had noticed some people who were trapped in their house. They sent another high powered speed boat for the rescue mission.
The man when asked to join the speed boat,said,”i know my redeemer lives and he shall save me, even without your help! After some few persuasions, the boat left him for others.
As the water continued growing, this good brother could not stay any longer on the roof, he managed to create an opening in his house and went to the top of his roof but then, immediately he was spotted at the roof of his house, and a rescue plane sent by the government came for him. They tried to send down ropes for him to catch, so that he can be pulled to the plane, but he had no such interest. His faith was on God and his God is mighty to save. The water later went over him and he died!
While in heaven, this brother asked the Lord, Lord, why is it that i called you, believed you and trusted in you fully for my rescue but you ignored me fully!
The Lord answered, when you cried, i heard you and sent your neighbors with a boat to your house to rescue you, but you refused to board the boat. I waited and when i saw the water about to overcome you a lone, i sent a speed boat, but you were also not interested.
Later i commanded the government to send a rescue plane just for you! You were not again, interested in boarding it! The Lord then asked this man, if you are a father to such a child who is not willing to go to safe grounds, even when the father has sent him so many helpers, what would you do? I had to call you home to explain this!
Saint of God, are you like this brother in any way? People tell you, apply for this job, i know you can be taken, and your answer is, i don’t want people to boast later that they gave me a job, i will be applying for jobs in other places but i can’t accept this, so you let the chance go!
A relative comes with another offer of a job, but your answer is, i don’t want my family members to give me anything. I will look for my own job, until i get one. They will boast they gave me one so, again you let it go!
My question to us all is this, what are you pushing away from the people you know and who care for you,with flimsy excuses?May God be speaking to you today? Think about it and act on his voice of reason.
Again, let us be careful, because God has so many opportunities for us that at times disguise themselves in ways we may not notice. Everything happens because of him, and when we go home yonder, i know majority of us will look with shame because they used excuses to drive away the opportunities God sent them!.God bless you

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