Have you ever gone to a morgue? The day I entered mortuary, what I saw was undescribable…I mean…I’m talking about African morgue where decency and human dignity, even  in death is not guaranteed.In this mortuary, Human beings were laid down on bare floor and stark naked. They were more than fifty. Some were supported by jerry cans, some were placed on bare floor, some on tables and some on plank wood. Wo

Gender was no issue because in this morgue, both men and women were all in under one roof but stone dead. with their private part uncovered.When they pushed them inside, the attendant removed all the cloth on their body and they we be stark naked as they  placed them on wood. For once there was no need to categorize them.Professors and maids laid bare on the floor.. I looked at then, and they could not protest, they could not use there hands to cover there nakedness. Its then when I asked myself, what is this life all about? Why do we worry so much over nothing?

👉Why are we struggling to possess everything here on earth yet in the face of dearth…we have nothing to hide?

👉Why do we go around with pride and ego as though we own the world?

👉Why can’t we forgive one another and know that vanity over vanity and all is vanity? Ecclesiastes 3:1-3. See house owners, degree holders, car owners and professors are lying on top of one another naked without shame. See different hair styles on the head of women and here they are-dead stone dead with no worry of their hairstyles anymore. Life is nothing, position is for a while, riches and wealth are temporary. Without God, life is nothing. I don’t know when am leaving this world but I have an idea of what will happen to me when am no more. I want to be better than yesterday, I want to be more humble. I want to be more forgiving and I want to be more humane and godly than before. I have seen that life is nothing and death is certain and it is a leveller of status in life. Brothers and sisters let’s worship our God and be prayerful as you move clover to your creator. Let us step on the sand softly as the floor is slippery.

Stay Faithful
Stay Honest
Stay courageous
Stay kind.
This world we are all visitors but remember, as the bibles says, we have to prepare to meet our God! (Amos 4:12). How prepared are you if God calls you now? God bless you


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