Have you ever been betrayed, disappointed and hurt by someone so close to you? Have you ever felt pained because of the word you shared with someone in confidence, only to realize the same word isn’t private anymore? Sometime back, when going through marital issues, some woman friend used to confide in her closest friend. She knew all that was going on in her life. She would call her any time and every time. They had bonded and were comrades in good days and bad days. As the story goes, she knew all her troubles with her husband-from A-Z.

Whenever the heat was high in the marriage, it’s her she asked for advice, but as she struggled to keep her marriage, the only option left for her was divorce. She didn’t want to make a wrong choice, so she picked her mobile and called her friend…Leave him, she answered the call on the other end. Infarct, tomorrow, pass through any legal firm and pick divorce papers, sign them, and serve him to sign too. Unfortunately, she followed her friend’s advice word to word. She requested the legal firm to serve the husband the papers to sign, so that they may kick start the divorce process. He was served the papers and sure enough, he signed them. Inside her, she hoped he will refuse to sign those papers and open the door for dialogue, but with her eyes, she saw that door close indefinitely. The funny thing is, after leaving her home to get temporary shelter in her parents place, as she thinks of the next step to take or which route to take, the friend whom she confided in-moved-in with her husband. As we talk right now, they’re still married and have three children together.

It may be hurting to find your man was aware of your talks with your friend, but it pains to the core of your heart, to know that the person in the midst of your struggle, was the one making things work against you-and for their good.

Many people have been hurt and betrayed in this life. Such memories for those who haven’t healed only bring tears. You may be going through such form of betrayal or another type of hurt, but the reality is, there is nothing new under the sun. God, as a father, has not hidden from us the pain of his heart on how unreliable men and women are. Infact, the bible is one of the most open books with real life people sharing their problems of hurt, betrayal, disappointments and tears-which at times, you find yourself getting identified by them easily. When his best friend deserted to follow his son in rebelling against him, it seems it was the most painful moment to David the King. This was not only a friend, but a confidant, his counsellor and adviser in matters leadership to the nation. The bible says this about this man called Ahithophel(David’s counsellor).,” in those days, the advice Ahithophel gave was like that of one who inquires of God. That was how both David and Absalom regarded all of Ahithophel’s advice. ( 2 Samuel 16:23) . Imagine having such a man as your confidant and counselor? David was safe. His advisor’s word gets recognition biblically that his wise wisdom was always like “inquiring from God! What a great man to put close to you. In our African countries, most of the advisors to the presidents rarely give the needed advice or they get to the positions and look at it as a job more than giving presidents direction for life.David’s leadership was full of less error in judgement-but we now know he had the best counsellor in Ahithophel.

Unfortunately, when David was at his lowest in leadership, and wars of taking over his kingdom by his son was rife, it was Ahitophel who ran away from David first, and joined his rebellious son to fight the father. In pain, David cries, ”If an enemy were insulting me, I could endure it; if a foe were rising against me, I could hide. “He continues, ”But it is you, a man like myself, my companion, my close friend, With whom I once enjoyed sweet fellowship at the house of God, as we walked about among the worshipers.(Psalm 55:12-14).In this verse, we all see that Ahithophel was not only a good advisor to David, but he was a believer too. He was with David in Church and in the office. They were inseparable as comrades.

Can you imagine the pain that comes with such a betrayal? You want to cry and can’t hide anywhere, because your best friend knows all the locations you love hiding. He knows your private residence. He knows the keys to your house where they’re kept and has your private line too. Do you remember Judas Iscariot? He knew Jesus enough that he is the one who led those who killed our savior to where he used to lodge privately…The bible says,” Then one of the Twelve—the one called Judas Iscariot—went to the chief priests  and asked, “What are you willing to give me if I deliver him over to you?” So they counted out for him thirty pieces of silver.  From then on Judas watched for an opportunity to hand him over. (Mathew 26:14-16).Those against Jesus didn’t know much of his private life with his disciples but it was Judas who showed them the way.

The pain that David felt was felt more by our Savior, as he saw his confidant and friend turn away from the gospel he knew so well, to embrace his haters in earnest, as they dropped few coins in his pocket for the mission.

What do you do when your husband or wife becomes your best enemy and hater? What will you say when the guy you confide in at work is actually the one working hard and secretly, to see you fall down or get sacked.

The bible has a remedy for all this. It says in Proverbs 3:15, Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. “It continues, “in all your ways, acknowledge him, and he will direct your path.

It’s funny how we can trust our friends, family or those close to us with all our hearts than doing the same to the God who knows us all. It’s the same God who will reveal to you all the evil lodged in your friends and confidants hearts. When life threatens us, the one person to run to is not friends as our sister did, but God the father .He knows how to mend a broken relationship. He has the right dose to heal hurting hurts and broken spirits. Psalms 147:3 says, ”He(God),heals broken hearts and bounds up our wounds.

What is that wound in your heart that needs God’s intervention to bound it? Have you been betrayed, hurt and maligned by those you gave your total trust and support, if not confidence? Be encouraged and never panic as though something strange is happening to you. It has happened to many of God’s servants before, and if they overcame it, you will overcome it too…If David overcame by winning the battle against his son Absolom, which his confidant had supported- and Jesus overcame Judas’ betrayal by rising from the grave, I’m sure of one this, you will win this war and look back in days to come, and tell everyone who is hurting to hope in God, because he is the only hope we need, when faced with betrayal. God bless you and heal your wounded heart. Glory to his great and awesome name. Amen

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