Never as a believer underestimate the power of dreams. Dreams are not premonitions as many people think. Dreams come from God and in many occasions, God used them to warn, encourage and make his people know of his future plans. The Lord said to Israel “When there is a prophet among you, I, the LORD, reveal myself to them in visions, I speak to them in dreams. [Numbers 12:6]

Daniel is said to have excelled in wisdom (10 times) and could understand dreams and visions.

A dream is a release of revelation (natural or spiritual) that comes at a time when your body is at peace and you are settled. God loves to speak to us when we are most settled and at rest, and most dreams normally appear between 4 and 5am. Dreams are usually in picture form (James Goll).

• Like parables we must press beyond what we see and hear to get the hidden meaning (Mark 4:10-11).

• Revelations from the spiritual realm are usually communicated in symbolic or coded forms through dreams and visions.

• Because the spiritual realm rules in the affairs of men (Daniel 4:26), kings surround themselves with magicians, astrologers, diviners and other wise men who can help them understand what the heavenly realm says.

• The one who rules from the heavenly realm, helping to solve mysteries and complex problems eventually influences the King.

• Joseph in Egypt ascended from prison to leadership because of understanding and interpreting Pharaoh’s dreams and offering strategic solutions. Daniel served Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar, and Cyrus because of wisdom and understanding of dreams .

• King Solomon asked for wisdom in a dream and was granted in the dream. But he established it by prayer in the earth realm

• Joseph in the NT took Mary as his wife and saved the life of Baby Jesus because he understood dream language (Mathew 2 and 3).

• God has promised to pour in the last days, His spirit to prophesy dream dreams and see visions.

In the last days, God says,I will pour out my Spirit on all people.

Your sons and daughters will prophesy,your young men will see visions,

your old men will dream dreams (Joel 2)


• Learn to quiet your soul. “Be still and know that I am God”( Ps46:10)

• Maintain a dream journal and record the substance (Daniel 7:1)

• Consider the context, numbers, symbols, colors, etc and note them down.

• Seek discernment and understanding (Daniel 7:15, 8:15, Mk 4:10)

• Nullify demonic dreams and visions.In my case,when i dream of a death of a person i know,i always understand that God wants me to pray for the said person and cancel the spirit of dearth surrounding him. Use psalms 118:17 (Num 30:14, Isaiah 54:17). Unfortunately for me,i dreamed of dearth of a relative,never woke up to cancel it and they died just as i saw it.It was a terrible accident that happened and i wished i had prayed…so don’t ignore such.One basic prayer for this is this,immediately you wake up,say in Jesus name i declare “john[the one you dreamed about] will not die but live to declare the goodness of the Lord,on this earth

• Establish Godly dreams and visions (1 Kings 3:5,15, Num 30:14).

• Where necessary, fast and pray for insight and interpretation. Remember interpretation of revelation belongs to God (Dan 2:28, Gen 41:16).

Some Common Types of Dreams (James Goll).

1. Dreams of your house-

Normally represent your life or the church. The rooms represent activities eg family room speaks of family, while bedroom speaks of intimacy. Store rooms speak of reserves etc.

2. Dreams of going to school –

signify learning or testing. Tests may be for promotion, or if you find yourself searching for the next class, it may mean need for guidance or you have graduated from a test. Repeating a class you have passed means you have opportunity to learn from past failures.

 High school dreams may be a sign you are enrolled in the school of the Holy Spirit.

3. Dreams of Vehicles –

Usually indicate a call on your life, i.e. the vehicle of purpose that carries you from one point to another. Cars, planes, buses, etc normally symbolize the type or size of ministry you are or will be engaged in.

Note the make, model or who is driving. Is it you or someone else?

 A faceless driver may refer to someone yet to appear in the future or the Holy Spirit as the driver-guide.

4. Dreams of Storms

Often hint of things on the horizon – both dark, negative storms of demonic attack for purposes of prayer and intercession, and spiritual warfare, as well as imminent showers of blessings coming like tsunamis (Isaiah 59:19).

5. Dreams of being naked or exposed

Indicate you are becoming spiritually transparent or vulnerable or getting into shameful pose. They are meant to drive you into greater intimacy with God and show areas you need to be open to God’s working in.

6. Dreams of birth

Normally indicate new seasons of purpose and destiny coming forth in your life. But it could also be real pregnancy coming forth.

7. Dreams of relatives, alive and dead.

Normally indicate generational issues in your life –blessings and curses especially if they involve grandparents. But it may also mean your attachment to these people or what they represent. Seek discernment as to what each relative represents.

8. Dreams of snakes

Snakes represent the ancient serpent, the devil and his demonic army at work through accusation, lies, attacks or even witchcraft. Demons may also be represented by fearful animals such as spiders, bears or crocodiles. The spider with its deadly poison often symbolizes witchcraft and the occult at work.

9. Dogs and cats

On the dark side dogs which growl or attack or bite reveal a friend about to betray you while on the positive side, they indicate friendship, loyalty, protection or good feelings. Cats normally, depending on how they appear represent love, being smothered, but on the negative side represent occult and witchcraft.

10. Going through doors

Normally indicate change is coming upon your life, and doors are opening for you. The doors represent new ways, new opportunities and new advancements on the way. Dreaming of going up in elevators or escalators indicate you are rising faster into your purpose or calling, while staircases represent step-by-step process. Downward steps or descent mean demotion.

11. Dreams of clocks and watches

Often reveal what time or stage it is in your life or the need for a wake up call in the church or nation. A clock pointing close to midnight normally indicates time is running out, and it is time to be alert and watchful.

12. Dreams of taking a shower

Normally reflect things that are being flushed or cleansed out of your life through showers, bathtubs or toilets.

Some important Keys to dream interpretation

13. Record the dream immediately after waking up.

14. Reduce the dream to its simplest form. Cut out too many details. Journalize and date it and note the place.

15. Context determines interpretation. Also consider culture.

16. Did you have two or more dreams in one night? The message may be one, but in various forms and it shows how urgent it is,just as Pharaoh dreamed.

17. Where are you in the dream? Are you observing or actively participating or are you the focus?

18. What emotions, thoughts or impressions are you left with when you wake up? Are you troubled or excited?

19. What colors did you observe?

Eg Amber may represent the glory of God,

Black may represent sin, death or famine.

Blue may represent heaven or the Holy Spirit.

Crimson/scarlet – blood atonement, sacrifice.

Purple – kingship or royalty.

Red – Bloodshed or war.

White – purity, light, righteousness.

20. Test your dreams against the Word of God: do they contradict the principles of the written Word? Do they glorify Jesus and point people to Him? Does the dream build up your faith towards a closer walk with the Lord Jesus?

21. Dreams should be interpreted on a personal basis first.

22. The key to proper interpretation is to ask questions, questions, questions but pray too.


Always write down the dreams you get and act on them as a servant of God. He reveals mysteries of what is ahead of us, what we need to know and what we should do as his servants through dreams. Let us beware of this great communication channel from God the father. Be blessed

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