Overcoming the rejection

When Beveline had been fired from her job, the first person in her mind to tell the story was her boyfriend Tim! With only 5 month to the wedding, and so close to Tim, the man she thought will soon be her “Husband to be”!. As she talked to Tim while sobbing, Tim only listened, then told her he was a little bit busy, and he would call her later. To Bev, it seemed he was never touched with what she said, but she was hopeful and and as she disconnected, her mum came to mind. It shall be well, “Mum assured her daughter as they concluded their 1 hr talk.

Bev felt a bit relieved, but sad though expectant too, as she waited to hear her man call. Amid the sobs and prayer, the next day, all she could hear were the words of her mum, “It shall be well. To add another aroma to it, dad called before she slept and talked to her for another hr, and as they parted, he assured her that her mum will be traveling the next day evening, to just be with her for one week, and offer her a shoulder to lean on. The support Bev got from her parents was more than she could imagine. Mum arrived and was just what she needed around her, and after sobering-up, and in the middle of the talk, she asked, “Have you talked to Tim about this? Yes mum, i called and he was to get back to me, but his phone is either off or as he keeps telling me, “he will call me later!

Motioning courage, mum looked her daughter in the eye and said, “do you think, as bad as this might be, that God may be using this situation to show you who your man is, before making the mistake of marrying him? Bev could not answer but tears flowed, because she truly loved Tim, but as they prayed, mum assured her again, “it shall be well.

The next day, her mum left for upcountry, after spending her 2 weeks with her daughter, and as fate would have it, she received a call to go for an interview, in a job she applied for, while still in her work. She was optimistic and looked forward to it, but before she left the house, her phone had a message from Tim. Dear Bev, he said,”I would be glad to release you for another man. I feel I’m not ready and i wish you well.

This message nearly killed her but she had an interview to attend.

While on the road going for the interview, she started remembering how she has supported Tim. His birthdays have been her duty. She gave money whenever he asked, and without thinking too much about it. Her thoughts were stopped abruptly when she was called in, for the interview. Looking as though awoken from sleep, she jumped up, dusted herself and requested to use the ladies first, then come-in, in a minute’s time. As she rushed, she cleaned her eyes of tears, made up her face and rushed out, and to God’s glory, after 2 days, she was called to start work.

The amazing thing is, her new job was paying 3 times more than the one she was sacked from, and the position was next to a managerial job. Tim’s thoughts shrouded her with this news but now she was smiling, more than crying. She called mum and dad, and they were just so happy for her, but dad could not mince words, “Bev my daughter, don’t go back to that man! But dad, she replied, “he told me in strong terms he does not want us together anymore!. Yes, you told me, but in-case you’re thinking of telling him this news, hold your horses.

Bev shared this news with her other friends, and they were so happy for her. Later, she realized, that her friends who knew Tim had also shared the good news to him. They told her they wanted him to hear it, because when she lost the job, all he said to them was,” I can’t marry a jobless woman with no earning! That was his words. Losing a job for Bev was a trigger for him to make it official, he was no-longer interested in her and the relationship!

Beloved, we live in a different world this days. If you don’t pray before engaging someone, then wait for surprises. I have come to realize that most people are happy in relationships where only one person is in it, while the other is just dating him\her, because of what s\he has! Do you wonder why some beautiful girls who’re jobless are wondering what hit them, because few or no man is interested in them, yet they’re ripe and well-endowed for marriage?

How many marriages are right now under, just because s\he lost his job? To some people, it took a sickness for them to realize the man or woman they once loved so much, had no time for even a hospital visitation. Relatives come and ask about their lover, and if he visited, and they lack words. You loved and believed so much in this man, but in time of trouble, when needed them more, they disappear as though you never were of value to her.

What you don’t know is, Beverline’s friends shared the good news to Tim, and when he realized she got a good, well-paying job, now he got the guts to call. Bev by this time, had made up her mind, and told him off in clear terms, “that she considers his sms as a final nail to the relationship, and she won’t be begged for it again. He tried to cry when he begged her for a meeting but her words were clear-NO!.

Many times, God does things in our life with a view of showing us who the people we love so much are. Only those who don’t understand how God works, think of suicide when such happens to them. The bible is clear, “all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. [Romans 8:28]. God at times, will jealously guard you from marrying the wrong person, by removing what he treasured the most from you, so that you may have a clear view of who\she is!

Bev got another man. Infarct, a better man, and got to invite Tim to her wedding! He never came, and she never expected him to come, but the message was clear, “You refused me thinking “i won’t make it, but come see what the Lord has done!

If you are dating and fully in-love with this man or woman, it’s my prayer for you that God may show you who s\he really is! If he’s following you because of what you have and not because of love, may God help you see the other side you have never seen, and for his glory!. Like Bev, may God protect you from such people and make a way for you, even when the road you’re traveling on seem unclear. May he give you direction and comfort, even in such hurtful situations. It takes God to know the chaff from the wheat, and i pray that God may be the one to show you the way, even as you wait on him. Have a blessed of day.God bless you

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